Heart-Warming - Organic essential oil blend 10ml

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A warm profound floral fragrance of this essential oil blend aims to soothe your soul and enhance your caring nature. It's very comforting. 100% pure essential oils.

Great for meditaion and yoga or before meeting with customers or networking, even dating!

Ingredients: Orange Sweet, Lime Cold Pressed, Geranium, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang Complete, Rose Otto essential oils

How to enjoy:

-Keep in your hand bag for direct use. Apply 1-2 drops on each temple and massage, or apply on the wrists.

- Add 6-7 drops in your diffuser
- Blend 2-3 drops in your massage oil
- Mix 5-7 drops in your shampoo and conditioner (250 ml)
- Add 5-7 drops in your body cream, lotion & body butter
- Mix 5-7 drops in your bath/shower Gel
- Mix 5-7 drops handwash