​7 Ways to Get Relief from Arthritis Pain Naturally

​7 Ways to Get Relief from Arthritis Pain Naturally

Posted by Prani Health on 29th May 2019

Arthritis can strike the fittest of people, and bring tears to the eyes of the toughest, making you feel decades older than you really are. So many suffer from arthritis, but is it really necessary to put up with this pain and discomfort, and shrug it off as just another part of life?

Heck no.

There are many creams and medicines out there that claim to bring relief, but most have their own nasty side effects, and some can be very expensive, messy, or unpleasant to use.

Natural remedies are the way to go, and here are 7 which are easy to follow.

Lose Weight. This has become the remedy for everything, and while it is probably helpful if you have arthritis and are a little overweight, if you are already lean it won’t help at all.

Heat or cold therapy works by stimulating your body's own healing force. For instance, heat dilates the blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation, and reduces muscle spasms. In addition, heat alters the sensation of pain. You can use either dry heat -- such as heating pads or heat lamps -- or moist heat -- such as warm baths or heated wash cloths.

Conversely, cold compresses reduce swelling by constricting blood vessels. While cold packs may be uncomfortable at first, they can numb deep pain.https://www.webmd.com/arthritis/heat-and-cold-therapy-for-arthritis-pain

Acupuncture can curb pain by boosting the amount of natural pain killers your body makes, called endorphins.


Apple Cider Vinegar. Some experts believe that applecidervinegar is good for arthritis because of the magnesium, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus it contains. www.fitnesstreatments.com/vinegar-for-arthritis/

Massage decreases stress hormones, eases muscle tension, improves circulation, reduces swelling, increases the body’s production of endorphins (which dull pain), and improves immune function and sleep, all factors that can help reduce the painful effects of arthritis. Massage is especially effective when combined with herbal balms, and feels lovely.

Herbal Balms. Balms of various kinds have been popular since recorded time, but rather than putting artificial substances onto your body, herbal is better. For those who have time, making your own herbal balms can be a great way of experimenting with different recipes, or coming up with something more personalised to your tastes.


Turmeric. There is a reason why turmeric is still the ‘flavour of the month’. This innocent little spice has been used for centuries in remedies for everything from arthritis to heart disease, and its anti-inflammatory properties have been well researched and documented. It is tasty in a latte, in curries, cakes, puddings, and so on, but is much more effective when applied directly onto the skin in the form of an oil, or a balm.


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